maandag 8 december 2008

Just some pictures of the opening

The opening was so amazing. Thanks everyone for showing up! More pictures later...

thanks gyz for taking the pictures:)

woensdag 3 december 2008

Opening MOOSE Gallery

Saturday the 6th of december we are opening a gallery on the Zwaanshals in Rotterdam. The opening exhibition will be by a Rotterdam based artists Robert Rosenau. Please join us for the opening from 16:00 - 19:00.

MOOSE magazine #4

MOOSE magazine #4 will be released on friday the 23rd of january 2009. More information coming soon!

zondag 17 augustus 2008

MOOSE 1 en 2

Li Wei
WK Interact
Alexandre Orion

Dan Witz

Ignore this post I need these images online for my space, so I placed them here. It might be nice to see some stuff from the first two editions aswell...I hope:)

zaterdag 16 augustus 2008

Rice field art in Japan

I found this beautiful rice field artworks. By intermixing the purple and yellow-leafed kodaimai rice along with the green-leafed tsugaru-roman variety, imaginative farmers in rural Japan grow rice paddy artworks in their fields on a massive scale. According to Pink Tentacle, “In recent years, a growing number of local governments around Japan have started organizing rice paddy art projects as a way to attract tourists and educate people about rice farming.”
I like it:)


New work by Dan Witz

In the past few years much of my neighborhood in Brooklyn has been torn down to make way for luxury housing. For better or worse it's a whole new street-scape out here. Personally, I can't say I like the new modern architecture very much, it's sterile and so arrogantly disconnected with its surroundings sometimes it seems like giant alien space ships have landed in the night. But, at the very least, there's some interesting new textures and surfaces to interact with. These are photo-based, heavily re-painted stickers, mounted on plastic and glued to the walls of the Ugly New Buildings. I hit the Lower East Side and East Village in Manhattan, and Bushwick, Dumbo, Greenpoint and Williamsburg out here in Brooklyn.


vrijdag 15 augustus 2008

I eat my Air Max 90

something different this Nike Hamburger shoe by Olle Hemmendorff. He and 7 other creatives were commissioned by Nike to interpret a Nike Sportswear icon. The result of this Air Max 90 and the 8 other pieces can be seen at 1912 space inside Sneakersnstuff in Stockholm Sweden.

kimihiko okada's aluminum installation

MOT × bloomberg, bloomberg public space project
at: museum of contemporary art, tokyo
from: july 5 - september 28, 2008

through bloomberg's sponsorship, the museum of contemporary art tokyo is currently undertaking a project
which gives young international artists the opportunity to exhibit their works in spaces outside of the
conventional gallery. this year, the museum's outdoor court 'sunken garden' has been taken over by architect
kimihiko okada's aluminum installation. the metallic mass creates a scene which whose appearance
is altered by unpredictable weather and the passage of time.

dinsdag 3 juni 2008

New Miss Van limited edition postcards

At "Princesas market" the Miss Van online store you can now buy these limited edition postcards. Nice!!

donderdag 8 mei 2008

Preview MOOSE #3

Here is a little preview of MOOSE #3

maandag 5 mei 2008

Silvia B at art Rotterdam

Meet my new Hero at RONMANDOS gallery, booth 29, Art Amsterdam, 7-12 May 2008.

donderdag 24 april 2008

Release MOOSE magazine #3

Yes we have done it. The 9th of May, after 1,5 year is the the release of a new MOOSE magazine, editition #3. This edition contains the work of: Silvia B (NL), Antistrot (NL), Caroline Hwang (US), Andrew Pommier (CAN), Andy Jenkins (US), Brad Downey (US), Niels Post (NL), Delta (NL), Faile (US), Kime Buzzelli (US), Martin Klimas (GER), Bob Gibson (UK), Mitsy Groenendijk (NL), Jesse Marlow (AUS) en Mark Khaisman (Ukraine).
Please join us for a drink at Tin Tin's cigar bar, Mauritsstraat 1, Rotterdam from 20:00hr. I will put more information online in the next couple of days but I just wanted to let you know for now!

maandag 7 april 2008

donderdag 28 februari 2008

Exhibition Metal Heart

Tomorrow night in Amsterdam (Friday 29th of februari) is the opening op the exhibition Metal Heart curated by Arno Coenen. I think it’s a new place it sounds pretty cool so go and check it out!


Live performing: Tremelo Theun, (Dutch airguitar champion), DUVALL , GOESTING & IRON FIST, SIKLOPS, Chlorgeschlecht, MARTIN C DE WAAL, Eurotrash Hell on draftDJ Kid Goesting

more info:

PLANETART Weteringschans 179 1017 XD Amsterdam

maandag 25 februari 2008

Stagaire gezocht!

I am looking for a stagaire (internship) for MOOSE. You'll be working on the production of our events and the magazine. I prefer someone who loves art and production. Please send me an e-mail if you want some more information or a cv and motivation to (both dutch or english is fine)

Geert Mul in museum Boymans van Beuningen

This saturday is the opening of a project by Geert Mul at Boymans. Make sure you check it out!

From 1 March until 16 November 2008 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is presenting the installation Horizons. Specially developed by the artist Geert Mul for the museum, the work examines the phenomenon of ‘collecting’. The principal role in Horizons is given to Bruegel’s masterpiece The Tower of Babel, which is on loan to the Musée du Louvre in Paris from 25 February until 10 June 2008 and thus cannot be displayed in the museum. This media art work Horizons is Intervention #4 within The Collection One.

donderdag 21 februari 2008

MOOSE magazine 3 coming soon!

At the end of March MOOSE magazine will finally release issue 3. This issue will feature the work of Silvia B (NL), Antistrot (NL), Caroline Hwang (US), Andrew Pommier (CAN), Andy Jenkins (US), Brad Downey (US), Niels Post (NL), Delta (NL), Faile (US), Kime Buzzelli (US), Martin Klimas (GER), Bob Gibson (UK), Mitsy Groenendijk (NL) en Mark Khaisman. More info soon!

donderdag 31 januari 2008

Tonight opening Antoine Bouillot at Alice galery Brussels

Tonight is the opening of a show by French artist Antoine Bouillot at Alice in Brussels.

dinsdag 29 januari 2008

Cameron Jamie & The Melvins

Last night I went and saw Jamie Cameron & The Melvins perform at the Luxor theatre in Rotterdam during the International Filmfestival. It was a really cool crowd and I laughd so so much. The Melvins played the soundtrack to the three short films which were “BB”(2000), "Spook House" (2003), about Halloween in the Detroit suburbs, and "Kranky Klaus" (2003), which explores an Austrian Christmas custom with a satanic edge. "Every year on Dec. 5 and 6, Santa Claus comes and delivers gifts to people's homes, and he's accompanied by this kind of devil, which is called the Krampus," Mr. Jamie said. "Whoever is good gets a gift, and whoever is bad gets beaten. This duality - iconic figures of good and evil can work together - fascinated me. Especially coming from America, this Puritan culture, where the Devil and Santa would never be seen in the same room." Especially this last film was fantastic. I laughed so hard, it was so funny. Really happy and went and saw it!